Inktober Day 24 BLIND 😎

Mole from The Wind in The Willows
I remember getting the book from my nan, loved the drawings and the stories. Wasn’t too keen on the toad and badger as I recall.
The ink outline was drawn with a Pentel brushpen. I’ve made a few advances with this brush doing the daily challenges, gained a bit more control I think (hope)
The mole with the green jacket is my version…

My inked lines before adding the watercolour.
And the original from the book, what do you think?  Pretty close huh ?  😊

0 thoughts on “Inktober Day 24 BLIND 😎

    1. stevekiddart Post author

      Thank you Lisa, I copied the original drawing from the book so that sweet little face wasn’t my own design. Perhaps whenever we copy something (manually drawing that is) we unavoidably add a little bit of ourselves to the representation though…

  1. stevekiddart Post author

    I’ve got an apology folks – I mistakenly posted up the picture of the original one instead of mine, I was including it as a reference of the original but got mixed up when writing the blog post.
    It seems my version of it was so close that I’d forgotten the fact I’d given him a green jacket instead of the red one in the book !!
    Sincerest apologies, I’ve only just noticed. Obviously I could’ve steathily changed it in the background and not said anything but that’s not how I do things, if I use references then I’ll always state them up-front.
    Thanks guys,

    1. Na Ry

      Thank you Steve for explanation. Your ‘green’ Mole is really very similar! But in my opinion he’s older than original…, maybe because of different light on his face? Also he looks wiser, due to his age.
      And he is calm, as the original, but for some reason – sad, sadder, I think…

      1. stevekiddart Post author

        Thank you 😊
        I was quite horrified when I realised I’d put the wrong picture in the edit. Simple slip of the select button.
        Amazingly observant Na Ry – thank you again.

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