London's King's Cross / St Pancras International Station. 🚂

Started the sketch whilst waiting for a train and then finished it off whilst traveling, so excuse the wobbles 😉

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    1. stevekiddart Post author

      Apologies Meg, I thought I’d replied to this. In fact, I know I replied but I don’t know what technical mishap occurred to prevent it showing up.
      Thank you very much. You’ll be glad to know I can improve your productivity by 100%
      Simply draw with ink and then you can’t spend half the time erasing.
      There’s something quite charming about leaving in some of the ‘workings out’, it’s more authentic as a sketch and often makes for a better finished result rather than a finely polished piece.
      On this particular one I did in fact pencil in some guidelines because I knew I was going to struggle with the perspective on the roof. Even when I went over them with the pen I still managed to mess it up, but overall it comes across OK as it is, for what it is…
      Sketching for enjoyment is equally, if not more, rewarding to me than when I try and do a ‘proper’ artwork, involving measuring up, erasers, etc.
      Go for it 👍🏻

      1. Meg

        I know exactly what you mean about sketching for enjoyment… and you’re right about the charm of leaving in the untidy marks. I have done one sketch in ink that I’m rather fond of .. a doodle of the Philadelphia skyline that I drew one day while watching football. (It obviously wasn’t an interesting game!) Maybe I will try it more often. Thank you, Steve!

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