🐟 Seaside Town βš“

A small watercolour sketch which I then overlaid with some detail with the fineliners.
I wanted to see how it would work and how it would look going over the paint with pens, trying it out in the sketchbook before I attempt it on the ongoing barn painting.
Quite like the sketch actually, I might choose this for the big painting.
I had considered brushing on ink but have found it can sometimes leave an unwanted shine. No such problems with the fineliners, and of course they’re a doddle to control in comparison.

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  1. Alison

    I like this style. Will be cool to see how it translates to a larger image. So wish you had included a β€˜before’ adding the pen work and an β€˜after’.

    1. stevekiddart Post author

      Thanks Alison, I’ve made it a larger image – is it cheating to just stretch it on the webpage?
      Yes, I should’ve done a before and after – will remember to take more “in progress” shots next time. As it was just a sketch I was just cracking on with it.

      1. stevekiddart Post author

        Incidentally, as it’s now bigger you can see a line along the top.
        That’s not actually a line on the image, it’s a ridge in the paper where I shut the sketchbook whilst the page was still a bit damp and it had another piece of notepaper behind.
        I could probably iron it out but it’s one of those little lessons of what not to do next time.

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