Barn painting – Step six

A bit of roofwork going on.

I laid down a really wet wash of one colour here and then whilst still wet I dabbed in another brush load of a different colour and vaguely mixed it on the paper. I didn’t want a flat even wash, preferring a more random blend so I let the watercolour gods decide what would happen here. Whilst it was still damp, but not wet, I then mixed in a third colour for some highlights.

I’ll go over this when totally dry with some feint lines to hopefully give the effect of a corrugated roof. Again, when it comes to that I’ll want it deliberately rough and not even. If it were a new building I’d be aiming for hard straight lines, uniform colours, etc. But as this barn is supposed to be old, and pretty much a few years away from being torn down the roughness is intentional.
As you can see, I’ve also fitted the planks of wood. This is just the first step for those, I’ll define them more later with some shadows and well… dirt, for want of a better word. Again, if they looked like new wood on an old barn then that wouldn’t be in keeping.
I’ve also modified the tree but didn’t picture it here, I’ll show that update tomorrow along with the dark bits in the barn which will really punch out the shape. Scary throwing black at it but it’s the part I’ve been looking forward to most. 😁

0 thoughts on “Barn painting – Step six

  1. Meg

    Looking good – the little side roof is perfect with the light and shadow. And the main roof with multiple colors is good too – it just needs its lines! I said this before but I love that you’re showing the work in progress!

    1. stevekiddart Post author

      The watercolour gods have access to a button marked “Smite” which changes the direction and surface tension of water – they also load excess or not enough pigment into the paint.

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