Hennessey Venom GT 🏁

Inktober 2018 has started, despite having no intention of doing it this year it was good fun last year.
I didn’t really need yet another ‘challenge’ to get me to draw regularly because it’s something I do daily anyway but it’s a good thing to be creating something new every day and as a community.
I still want to get on with my other artistic ventures so Inktober will only be quick sketches for the days I do join in on.
Here’s the first, the word today was POISONOUS so here’s the Venom. Yes I know venom and poison are different but hey ho…
Famed for being one of the “world’s fastest” and an achievement of American engineering the underpinnings of this car are obvious to anyone who is familiar with the Lotus Exige.
As with the AC Cobra, the GT40 and many other American Legends they simply wouldn’t exist without the Brits in their sheds 😊

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