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My first paint sketch, Lotus progress, new sales items and #artvsartist hashtag nonsense 🤡

This is my first urban sketch done without any drawing at all, it was a case of sit down, open the watercolour palette and sta

Twitter 🐦

One year of 🎂

Amazingly (to me) it’s been a year since I setup this website and a hashtag #stevekiddart on the social media channels.

Scribbling portrait and a salt lake 🕶️

Happy birthday JC 🎂

🎅🏻 Are you really on my Nice List? Let me double-check…

Merry Christmas to you all 🎄 Reference from

Flute girl 🎶🎶

Pencil portrait on A3. I drew this a couple of years ago and think I made some improvements to it since this photo but I can

Insight into pencil scaffolding on portraiture ✏️

Here’s an insight into how I’ve improved on my ink portrait drawings lately. Since doing Inktober and reading the tip abou

Leaf practicing

In case you’ve never drawn leaves from observation I can recommend it as good practice. It trains that eye-to-paper connecti

Two more mini-portraits and a couple of winters animals 🎅🏻👩🏻🐻🦊

Here’s another couple of the Sktchy mini portraits from this week. They aren’t mini in size as such, in fact the ballpoint

Drink 🥃 Up

Just for Nitesh 😉

Ariana Grande One Love Manchester portrait for charity 💖

I’ve listed this one off original drawing on an eBay auction with all proceeds going directly to the Red Cross for the Manch

Slightly spooky churchyard 👻

This churchyard is in Chilham, Kent. It wasn’t supposed to be all that scary, hence the ‘slightly spooky’ tag.

Inktober Day 28 FALL

The rabbit-hole went straight on like a tunnel for some way, and then dipped suddenly down, so suddenly that Alice had not a m

Inktober Day 26 SQUEAK 🐁

The original squeakers. As today’s is a bit basic (certainly compared with yesterday’s mammoth task) I’ve included the i

Heavenly Village Gondola.

I’d driven several hundred miles to South Lake Tahoe only to find that the gondola up the side of the mountain had closed ju

La Madeleine rooftops of Paris

Pencil sketch of the rooftops opposite my hotel room in Paris. It was in the early hours of the morning and lit by the street

Golden Gate Bridge in the mist

I tried to get as much of the bridge in before the misty clouds removed it entirely from view. This was drawn from the Battery

San Francisco Sea Lions

I drew these guys on an early morning at Pier 39, San Francisco.  There were loads of them, easily 30-40 laying on some float

Figure drawing with construction lines and an Instagram race 🏁

In the Harold Speed book, The Practice and Science of Drawing, there is an exercise on figure drawing and building up the scaf

Self-portrait of my inner chimp

Here's a drawing from 2015, I chose to draw this after reading a great book. It's called The Chimp Paradox by Profes

Hairy donkeys

Back to a regular pencil drawing on plain old A4 paper, here’s some hairy donkeys from the Donkey Sanctuary at

Oh deer!

This was a copy of a drawing I particularly liked, the original was with graphite pencil.  My version was with charcoal thoug

Sketching practice – holiday barns

If you’re not already drawing but are interested (which I guess you are as you’re reading this) then really the nu

Furry cat in pencil

Remember the kitten from a couple of week’s back?  Fast forward several years and here she is again. The biggest challe