Snow leopard 🐆

Inktober prompt – Snow Whilst the snow leopard shares a similar name and appearance with other leopards, genetic studies

Happy New Year 🎉

Happy New Year to readers of my arty posts. Here’s a few sketches from the past few days. I’ve started off my new

Top Nine 2018

On Instagram there’s a fad for posting your top 9 images of the year, you simply enter your username on a website and it

Schrödinger's Cat 🙀🔫

“When I hear about Schrödinger’s cat I reach for my gun.” – Stephen Hawking I wasn’t going to p

A couple of classic cats 🏁😼😼🏁

A bonus sketch to accompany another one of my drawings heading for the United States. Jaguars C-Type and XK120 – very cl

My first paint sketch, Lotus progress, new sales items and #artvsartist hashtag nonsense 🤡

This is my first urban sketch done without any drawing at all, it was a case of sit down, open the watercolour palette and sta

Cat and Farm framed up 🖼️

Finally got around to framing up a couple of pictures to sell. I figured that for some people they’d rather buy a ready

Magic Cat 🐱

Why was it magic? It’s first appearance on Instagram was posted up before I’d painted in the wall. I deliberately

Ariana Grande One Love Manchester portrait for charity 💖

I’ve listed this one off original drawing on an eBay auction with all proceeds going directly to the Red Cross for the Manch

Inktober Day 28 FALL

The rabbit-hole went straight on like a tunnel for some way, and then dipped suddenly down, so suddenly that Alice had not a m

Inktober Day 9 SCREECH

The cat took the car out for a little drive 🚗 he owes me a pair of tyres 😕 . .

Mobile phone drawing – no excuses!!

No excuses for you that is… A majority of people these days have smartphones, indeed I’d imagine that many viewing

Furry cat in pencil

Remember the kitten from a couple of week’s back?  Fast forward several years and here she is again. The biggest challe

Charcoal kitten

Who doesn’t love a kitten eh? Dogs I suppose…. well, aside from dogs, who doesn’t love a kitten?  Mice?