Sketching around St Paul’s Cathedral ⛪

It’s been a while since doing any ‘urban sketching’. I’m still ‘arting’ daily but they all

Coffee van man ☕

A quick(ish) sketch of a coffee van, drawn whilst sat about 25 metres away and it’s incredible just how many people want

SpongeBob Statue 🗿

SpongeBob Statue in the middle of London. This archway and buildings are just behind St Paul’s cathedral.  This dra

Digital London Urban Sketches

One of these I’ve already posted a couple of days ago but here’s some more from the past few days. They’re a

Reclining sculpture – digital sketching

St. Paul’s Cathedral ⛪

St Paul’s Cathedral drawn in ink and charcoal. My initial sketch was in pencil from the roof of a shopping centre overlo

Sketchbook Flip-Through 📖

This is a flip-through view of a sketchbook which has been definitely been my favourite so far out of the seven or eight books

Pixel Art – A New Hope 👾

This post is an excerpt of a new ARTicle I’ve been writing but that’s taking sooo long I thought I may as well pos

🔥🔥🔥 Twisted Firestarter 🔥🔥🔥

🔥 He’s THE Firestarter, Twisted Firestarter 🔥 RIP Keith Flint who died yesterday (17 September 1969 – 4 March 20

Canary Wharf Lunch Sketch 🌈

Another old sketch updated with a splash of colour 🌈 I can’t remember the colours of the scene from years back so thi

The Cornhill Water Pump

This pump is passed by tens of thousands of Londoners daily, it’s next to The Royal Exchange and a minute’s walk f

Look Up! Scalpel

This is the first of a series of pictures I’ve got planned, I’m calling the series “Look Up!”. I’

⛪ Christ Church, Spitalfields

This church was designed by Nicholas Hawksmoor and built between 1714 and 1729 so as English churches go it’s pretty muc

Sculpture sketching ❄️

Frozen fingers for sketching this strange sculpture in London ❄️

Happy New Year 🎉

Happy New Year to readers of my arty posts. Here’s a few sketches from the past few days. I’ve started off my new

Top Nine 2018

On Instagram there’s a fad for posting your top 9 images of the year, you simply enter your username on a website and it

James Bond Sketch 🔫

Tree face 🌳

Losing my mind, I see faces in trees 😬

Chimera with Personifications of Fire and the Sea

Chimera with Personifications of Fire and the Sea by Francis William Doyle-Jones. The sculpture is over the doorway of 24 Lomb

A few London pictures

Now I’m freed and wrapping up the last of the portraits from the 100 day challenge it’s time to return to somethin

🎸 Ed Sheeran 🎸

Portrait 53 of the 100 challenge.

Knight Knight ⚔️💤

Portrait 51 is a quick sketch of a sculpture spotted in London, I was roasting in the sun doing this so the quicker the better

Portrait 45 – Statue Sketch

Statue Sketching – one guarantee is that your subject won’t fidget around. I haven’t done any urban sketchin

La Tête de Veau €14,90

Portrait 34 of #100portraits100days – something a bit different from me. Portrait 34? I hear you say… Yep, I haven

John Surtees, CBE (11 February 1934 – 10 March 2017) 🏁

John Surtees was an English Grand Prix motorcycle road racer and Formula One driver. He was a four-time motorcycle World Champ

My first paint sketch, Lotus progress, new sales items and #artvsartist hashtag nonsense 🤡

This is my first urban sketch done without any drawing at all, it was a case of sit down, open the watercolour palette and sta

The Royal Courts of Justice, London ⚖️

Twitter 🐦

Hidden drawing ☂️

Found this hiding in the back of a cupboard from when I first tried (and failed in my opinion at the time) to start painting a

Sharpie Urban Sketches, some video and… one of my pieces is on display in a gallery 🤪

I’d seen some work from a London based artist who draws mainly with Sharpie pens which served as a bit of a reminder to

LPD de D by stevekiddart

A brushed ink portrait. Partially from imagination and partially from observation of a bronze sculpture, this is LPD d D. I ho

Petite danseuse de quatorze ans 👯‍♂️

This watercolour sketch was based on a bronze sculpture I spotted in the Tate Modern by one of my favourite artists, Edgar Deg

Poultry statue

Never sure if this boy is strangling or cuddling this goose 🤔 These statues are on the corners of the old Midland Bank head

London's King's Cross / St Pancras International Station. 🚂

Started the sketch whilst waiting for a train and then finished it off whilst traveling, so excuse the wobbles 😉

Coffee shop sketching ☕

Making use of some free time and a cheapo fountain pen.

Goat 🐐

Quick pen urban sketch of this goat at Spitalfields, London.

Quick urban sketch, the Lord Mayors Show is tomorrow.

It passes by opposite the Bank of England which is close to where I was sitting to draw this. They’re setting up the road bl

Inktober Day 30 FOUND – Part Two 👫

Inktober Day 30 part two maybe, in case you caught my earlier post today then yes – I’m being greedy and posting up an

Quickie skyline sketching 🖋

This was drawn from the southern side of the Thames just outside the Tate Modern gallery. A quick pen sketch to keep the creat

Inktober Day 20 DEEP 🌲🌳

OK, admittedly a tenuous link to ‘deep’… As you sit there leaning against a tree, do you ever think about the enormi