Rubbish Art

Wait! Woah! What? Rubbish art ???
Yep, that’s right – rubbish, trash, refuse, garbage, or in this case… recycling.
Sometimes it’s all too easy to get over-invested into what you’re creating, you’re using your very best expensive materials, your special posh paper, you’ve put in hours on this thing – “I have to be so careful to not muck it up!!!”
Well if that’s the case then try this as a perfect antidote to that stress.
Draw something which you know from the outset is destined for the trash, it doesn’t matter how good or how bad the drawing is (as you already know it’s rubbish, or for the recycling at least…)
Why has this drawing got lines running down it?
It’s because it’s on the back of a cardboard box plucked from the recycling pile 🙂
Give it a try, grab anything that makes a mark, grab a scrap box and make some marks – there is literally nothing to lose !!
Size: about A3, solid charcoal on the back of a cardboard cereal packet.

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