Inktober Day 5 LONG

Imagine wrestling with a vast two ton racing car with it’s LOOOONG bonnet/hood stretching way out ahead of you.
Fighting against the wind pressure pushing goggles into your face at 100mph.
The wind howling in your ears joined by the shriek of an open exhaust from the large powerful engine up front.
Round a bumpy, off-camber corner, perhaps on a mountain pass with a sheer cliff drop on the outside edge.
Sliding on the dusty uneven surface with your stiff unforgiving skinny tyres.
With zero concessions to safety, no airbag here – not even a seatbelt. OK, you have your gloves, goggles and perhaps a leather cap.
Those drivers were heroes, the lot of them, more so the non-winners who never got a mention in the history books.
Likewise there was no safety net with this Inktober drawing today, straight to ink with no pencil under-drawing and no chance to erase.  However I wasn’t about to end up in pile of twisted burning wreckage.
I wasn’t overly happy with the result here so you’ve got two for the price of none today.

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  1. “two for the price of none” Well…you can’t beat that! I like them both. However, the black ink on white paper is my choice of the two. The ink just seems to pop and I like the simplicity of the sketch. Often times, especially with pen and ink, less is more. That is something that I struggle with…I’m guilty of placing way too much ink on the page.
    Well done sir!

    1. Thanks Michael, I’m definitely guilty of placing too many marks on the page.
      One thing I learnt early on is that good artists can represent something in seconds with just a few perfectly placed lines. Something I could spend hours, or days on and in a thousand lines I’d still end up with something which whilst recognisable would have none of the vitality and energy of that few-lined drawing. Jeez I hate those guys ;o)
      One day we’ll get there – you’re way further along the path than me so let me know what it’s like there :o)

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