Inktober Day 17 GRACEFUL

Two drawings for today.
The first was an attempt at a portrait of Princess Diana, the way she dealt with the situations she was put in was surely with grace and dignity.
Unfortunately this daily sketch didn’t come out very well, and I simply didn’t have time to do another one.  So here you are, this’ll have to stand for now – I may revisit the concept when I’ve got more time and can relax rather than meet the Inktober deadline.
I used a waterbrush to “pull” some ink from the Pentel ink pen to get the greys, and in some areas just painted plain water and ran along the edge with the ink to try and get it to flow in gradually.  That’s one bit which sort of worked out.
Here’s a second drawing, for no extra charge.  I knew I wouldn’t have time to re-do the portrait but I did allow enough time for a quick line sketch, it’s actually a re-hash of a previous drawing from last year.
These are the graceful lines of the Aston Martin DB5, maybe not so gracefully represented with my fineliner and brushpen 😜

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