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Inktober Day 21 TRAIL

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        1. stevekiddart Post author

          Well, I can try, from one noob to another 😊
          First and foremost – observation. Before even opening the pad take a good time to get a grasp on the subject, look for the shadow patterns as definable shapes.
          Don’t identify anything with a name other than “that’s squareish”, that shadow is like an upside down triangle, etc.
          For this one ☝🏻 I drew a pencil outline of the whole shape including the areas which I knew weren’t going to have any shading. After inking in the shadows I then erased the pencil guiding lines.
          For the ground I just made it up randomly with denser marks underneath the characters to suggest shade from above. Initially I didn’t do anything on the ground and they were ‘floating’ a bit. Adding just a few flecks was enough to suggest the ground and it was only then that the picture worked quite well.

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