Drink 🥃 Up

Just for Nitesh 😉

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  1. Alright, it might be the angle of the photo but I guess you need to shift the base of the glass slightly to the right. That’ll make it even better, if you are going for three dimensional art.

    1. Many thanks Meg.
      This was my first ‘proper’ attempt at doing this, I’d half-heartedly tried before but without properly looking at the shadows and reflections. I decided just to draw literally what I saw regardless of how ‘wrong’ it seemed. That’s the only key here, I’m sure if I tried to draw the same from imagination then it’d have ended up in the bin with the others.
      Good luck with your sketching, drawing see through stuff is tricky 😉

  2. > I can’t draw from imagination (not yet, anyway…)
    I doubt I could, at least not very well – I occasionally do. But I have little interest in purely drawing from imagination at the moment.
    Whilst there’s so much wonderful stuff already to draw in the world then I’ll be learning my craft by copying that – I usually embellish, cut or modify what I see, but it’s always based on “something”. I don’t need the additional challenge of having no references :o)

  3. It is a very good drawing. I like the perspecive of the glass and it is great that you have used less tone. It makes it look so light and airy…exactly how glass and water should be!

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