Watercolour sketching practice 🖌️

Continuing with the watercolour practice from the watercolour sketching book by Paul Laseau.

Finding a way to workaround the limitations of using waterbrushes. I’m starting to be able to predict when it’s going to go ‘glug’ and chuck a load of water down the nib.

Also finding the limitations of the paper, how much abuse it can take with a combination of vigorous brushing whilst wet – here’s a hint – the answer is not much 😉

I’ll also be adding this one along with a failed version in a new article soon.

I’ve been meaning to publish some articles soon with regards to learning art but like a lot of the art projects it’s a case of starting off and then getting distracted with the next ‘new and shiny’. I think I need to lock myself in room with no distractions and type them up, exit refused until complete 🙄


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