LPD de D by stevekiddart

A brushed ink portrait.
Partially from imagination and partially from observation of a bronze sculpture, this is LPD d D.
I hope you like it as I see it as a development from purely observational drawing, so it’s an avenue I’m likely to pursue. There’s a million weird ideas in my head πŸ™‚
Incidentally – I’ve also (re)started adding some more designs into the Etsy shop after quite an absence. The shelves were looking very bare so it’s time for a restock πŸ™‚
many thanks for looking, Steve

0 thoughts on “LPD de D by stevekiddart”

  1. I’m going to risk sounding like a dummy, but what is LPD de d? I don’t know what that means…. 😬 It’s an amazing piece, though!

    1. Hi Meg, don’t worry, it’s not you that’s the dummy – it’s me and my weird brain.
      There are other pictures I’ve done with odd titles like this. It does mean something, but only to me, best to think of it as a catalogue number 😁

      1. I did like it. I have a photo of the bronze bust of Augustus Caesar saved for a possible sketch. Something about the eyes…. this one has that same quality. Plus I know how difficult it is to reproduce a sculpture in sketch.

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