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The Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis

Apologies to the UK readers for the incorrect spelling of theatre but as it’s one based in Minneapolis I’ll let it slide this once πŸ˜‰
Practicing the watercolours again after a few days off due to the weather. The ‘beast from the east’ caused widespread disruption and destruction across the UK but for me it’s been a case of trying to get to work, trying to fix the outside pipes of a boiler in a blizzard and generally everything going on to distract me from trying to fit in art practice. As I write this the sun is now beaming in and melting the ice so normal service will be resumed 😁

0 thoughts on “The Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis

  1. Meg

    I’m happy life is returning to normal – we had our own severe weather on the east coast of the US. And I love the painting!

      1. Meg

        I travel to Ireland quite often. But I live in the Philadelphia suburbs. I was there for 10 days in early February so you’re not imagining things!

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