Sharpie Urban Sketches, some video and… one of my pieces is on display in a gallery πŸ€ͺ

I’d seen some work from a London based artist who draws mainly with Sharpie pens which served as a bit of a reminder to find mine for some quick sketching.
I’ve used the Sharpie most recently on a Formula One drawing but that was just to do the large blocking in, the outlines and details were with fineliners.
An advantage to drawing with a fat pen, especially on a small sketchpad, is that you absolutely can’t do detail. It forces you to correctly observe shadows and shapes, if you put too much into it then you’ll just end up with a messy black page.
These sketches were from Spitalfields market in London and another from just down the road near Bank.

As this finished off my Moleskine sketchbook I did a video flipthrough. Not all of the pages are in there as I’ve sent some off to various places round the world.
As I had this video, plus another sketchbook flipthrough and something else I’d done on modifying a drawing I thought I’d upload them to YouTube. So here we are, hopefully these links will work OK.
And finally… one of my drawings has been framed and hung in a portrait gallery. OK, it’s not a public gallery but that day might come πŸ˜‰
It’s alongside many other portraits from highly skilled artists much better than me so I’m chuffed about it.


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