Boosh 🤜🏻

0 thoughts on “Boosh 🤜🏻

    1. stevekiddart Post author

      Hands are your heel? That’s where you’re going wrong, draw those things at the end of your arms rather than your legs 👍🏻
      I know what you mean though, hands and heads are disproportionately difficult. 😬

      1. Meg

        Aha! Now I get it! 😂
        Seriously though, hands are difficult for me and making a face proportionate is hard. I can draw half a face just fine!

        1. stevekiddart Post author

          Yeah, hands are difficult for most. I still can’t get them right more than half the time.
          On their own and from direct observation (like this drawing) I find easier than when they’re attached to someone (like my Diams drawing last week)

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