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Barn painting – Step seven, nearly done… 😊

Added in the black sections and modified the tree.
Whilst that was drying I did a few modifications to the grass and the sky, just subtle changes to achieve the look I’m after.

When dried I then did the shadows on the barn (compare 1st and 2nd photos) and pulling in some colours into the planks to make them look rougher and more realistic.

Not much more to go, it’s at that stage where it’d be easy to overwork it.

0 thoughts on “Barn painting – Step seven, nearly done… 😊

    1. stevekiddart Post author

      Thank you Rebecca, I’ve decided to compile a single article page for this to save future readers from having to dig through the blog.
      Also, as I’m still quite new to painting I’m sure I’ll be able to look back on it in a couple of years time and look at it with dread and say “wow, what a mess, and why would I have done this or that”
      If I haven’t advanced enough to do that in a couple of years I’m going to be really disappointed. 😜

  1. marissapruett

    This picture is giving me a totally different impression since you got the black in the barn. Once the black came in, the whole image seemed to jump from a painting to almost photo quality. I think I’m getting that impression because the barn is very far away in the scene; so it’s “easy” to make it look realistic (farther away has less details). The barn’s realism makes the whole painting look more realistic than it did even a step ago. Crazy how one thing will change a whole art piece. This looks really great and I’m looking forward to seeing the finishing touches!

    1. stevekiddart Post author

      Thanks Marissa, I’ve actually finished it now, and yes… there are further modifications – including the sky… I haven’t taken a picture yet but will do and get it posted up along with some potentially nice news…
      All will be revealed 🀐

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