100 portrait count starts here 🚦

There’s a project online for drawing a hundred portraits in a week… and another for hundred portraits in a hundred days – neither of which I’d be likely to complete what with my other commitments.
However I’ve decided I’m going to draw a 100 portraits, or pictures of people at least even if they aren’t proper portraits, and if it’s getting close to 100 days by the time I’m near 100 faces then I’ll try and complete the challenge within the time.
Here’s the first 9, and in case you’re wondering I will be including the one from last week in my count because I’ll need all the help I can get!! 😬

15th of August is 100 days from now so let’s see what I can fit in before that, amongst everything else that is…

0 thoughts on “100 portrait count starts here 🚦

    1. stevekiddart Post author

      Cheers Jacob, I’ve also got Sktchy on the work phone which is quite good for that kind of thing.
      I’m a long way short of references though to be fair. Long way short on time is the bigger issue πŸ™„

  1. Norma

    100 per week seems daunting but 100 for 100 days seems doable. I like the idea. πŸ™‚
    Good luck, Steve for your project. This one has come out really well. I like the girl with the gun. πŸ™‚

    1. stevekiddart Post author

      Thanks Norma, if they were all little sketches then it would easily be do-able. I’ve got some planned that will almost certainly be a week or more in the creation 😬

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