100 portraits project, numbers 10-15 🤡

Some of these went better than others. Just doing some sketchy ones to make a start and warm up the brushes.

If you’re thinking they’re a bit shoddy don’t worry, I will also be doing the week long ‘proper’ ones as well.

However, quick rough sketches still have a certain charm I think.


    • Thanks Meg, it’s strange but it’s actually quite a good thing to try out. I think once you understand that the marks you’re making are instantly permanent then you tend to be less precious about getting it right, as a result it seems to ‘flow’ better.

      Hard to describe but I’d suggest giving it a go. I use a Pentel brushpen and it’s extremely sensitive. Any slight wobble is amplified, but occasionally the magic happens and it fills in the shape better than you expected. That’s when you’re winning 😁

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      • A brush pen …. ok, maybe I’ll give it a try. I’ve only drawn with regular ballpoint pen previously. With mixed results. My Philadelphia skyline is probably the best attempt. Thank you for being so encouraging!

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  1. They look good Steve. 🙂
    I’ve to try this brush pen. And I agree there is a kind of charm to quick sketching. Never done that as well but would be trying. I think more than trying you just feel the need to do it and start doing it without being bothered about the perfect shape or form of the subject.

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    • You’ve hit the nail on the head there!!

      Yes, give the brushpen a try, the closest I’ve tried before was a Chinese brush dipping into ink. This is a million times more handy and being pen like a bit more controllable.

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