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Amanda Seyfried. Allegedly πŸ‘€

I’ll be the first to admit that it doesn’t look anything like her but resemblance or not she is portrait number 28 of 100 for my #100portraits100days challenge.

Pentel ink brushpens on this one 😁

0 thoughts on “Amanda Seyfried. Allegedly πŸ‘€

          1. Meg

            Cool! Looking forward to more. You do a nice job with the Bradshaw pens. I’m not managing anything more complicated than flowers and trees. Oh well… it is a fun tool though!

          2. stevekiddart Post author

            Bradshaw – autocorrect? Brushpen 😁
            The red one nearly went in the bin, or was considering filling it with watercolour somehow. It took a long time for it to flow out the ink, had to squeeze like mad to make a mark.
            Seems fine now but still likes a squeeze. Quite unlike the black one which will happily dump onto the page with slight pressure.

          3. Meg

            Grr… you guessed it! 😜 Maybe there’s some difference in texture from one color to the next?

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