Coffee time, portraits 36 & 37 β˜•

Portrait 36 is just a made up character for a quick value study, looks a bit weird but it still counts.

Portrait 37 maybe you’ll recognise? It’s supposed to be George Clooney, the coffee ambassador for Nespresso – what better than to paint him with the product 😁

It’s my first coffee painting. Possibly my last, but it smelt nicer than paint so maybe not…


    • Thanks Alison, something a bit different…

      By the way, I thought I’d take off that rubbish brown fixing tape and replace it with masking tape this morning. Typically, in places it isn’t even touching the paper as it’s curled up away when drying, in the other places where it is stuck it’s rock-hard and ripping the paper off !!

      I think I’ll start again with a new sheet and “furry” masking tape – thanks again for the suggestion :o)

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