Throwback Thursdays 🕰️

There’s this ‘Throwback Thursday’ thing on social media which I’ve started doing on and off, I wouldn’t normally bother posting the same to my website because that’s not really what I’m doing this for. However this one was very much in the ethos of promoting non-artists to giving it a go so hopefully if this reaches even just a few people and inspires them to at least try then it’s mission accomplished 😊
This is a real long way back to my first few months of drawing!!
At this point I’d only been drawing for a couple of months but the important thing was that I was drawing every single day – without fail and regardless of the results.
Whilst this drawing is no masterpiece it’s funny that shortly before this I was one of those people (that 95%) who would say “no, I can’t draw, I’m not a creative type or talented in any way”.
If that’s what you would say today then all I can recommend is don’t dismiss it as something you can’t do. If you really want to then just do it, ignore the first few weeks of horribleness and be prepared to surprise yourself 😊

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  1. This is great! I think once you have one “breakthrough” work, you really catch the fever for continuing. I should make time to draw every day… good advice!

    1. I don’t achieve it 100% every day now but pretty much every day. It’s a bit of an obsession now, but back then it was a TOTAL obsession.
      As with most things like this I’m stubborn when I get an idea in my head. I gave it a few months to give it a fair try to see if I could make a legible picture or two, and given that I’m still doing it 6 years later it evidently worked.
      This website and “Steve Kidd Art” as a “thing” is on a three year trial, I’m about 14-15 months in so if I disappear then you’ll know that I won’t have considered this experiment as a success. I’ll still be drawing though 😀

      1. Just curious, when you say success, how are you gauging that? Followers? Sales in your shop? I’m on a 5 year plan myself for making it as a writer (with some wiggle room). I haven’t pursued traditional publishing yet, so I may give that a go before saying “this is just a time consuming hobby!” And I’ll write for the fun of it on my blog. The art I will always do now, even if it’s just for my own mental health!

        1. It’s a simple one really, if it’s costing too much time and money to maintain. Somewhat interlinked but both are a distracting cost that van be readily quantified.
          Yeah, I’m aware that I’m speaking with a famous published author here. Remember us little folk when you’re in the mansion 😉

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