Vienna monument πŸ—½

Spotted whilst cycling in Vienna.

And another quick watercolour practice sketch.

8 thoughts on “Vienna monument πŸ—½”

    1. Thank you, it’s probably better really to work bigger more often than I do.
      But for the purposes of practicality and ‘maximising the hours’ drawing then I won’t beat myself up too much for the sketchbook drawing. One advantage now is that the sketchbook is around A5 size whereas I always used to use A6 / 6×4 size for the sketchbooks.

        1. It’s definitely easier when bigger.
          For the face of that monument I literally just copied the shadow patterns. If I’d had associated the patterns with a nose, an eye, etc then I don’t think it would be recognisable.

    2. Actually, in addition the last comment, the flower picture is only about 2 inches across so that really is a bit smaller than normal. But it’s just a little something to keep the paint wet πŸ™‚

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