Pen and ink practice ✒️

Time spent practicing technique is never wasted time.
Some of these were based on examples from Arthur Guptill who’s book I’ve just ordered. It’s an old book but I find they’re the best for the ‘real’ learning. None of this “become an artist in 10 days” nonsense 😏

2 thoughts on “Pen and ink practice ✒️”

  1. The trees and hair look fantastic Steve! You know my moto…if you want to learn something…start from the very basics and do it properly! Looking forward to seeing your next drawings!

    1. It’s often the case that the very best musicians will practice scales regularly, if not daily.
      I can’t remember the exact quote or quoter but I remember an interview when a world famous classical musician and considered “one of the best” was asked why he still practices scales at the age of 80/90 and he answered “I think I’m nearly getting somewhere with it”.
      I don’t practice enough, as in theory practice for the sake of practice only. Too much temptation to make pictures.
      The hair wasn’t copied by the way, that was my own imagination at work 😉

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