Abstracted and… possibly adi贸s amigos 馃槸

Sorry? What was that? Apologies I got a little abstracted…

Why adi贸s amigos ?

I鈥檝e been contemplating this website for a while and whether it鈥檚 going to continue going forward in it’s current form –聽it鈥檚 quite unlikely at the moment.

There鈥檚 a few reasons behind this contemplation but mainly it鈥檚 stemmed from a lack of research on my part when I set up this website last year.

At the time I was producing drawings which would just get filed away in the drawer unseen, I figured it would be worth setting up a website to show them to the world in case anyone liked them.聽 Additionally to see if there was a possibility of selling some to fund my ever increasing stash of art supplies, plus those drawers were really getting full of drawings.

Having done very little analysis of what I actually wanted and failing to think up a clever title (had much better ones since) I ended up registering a few web addresses, I picked the most straightforward one 鈥淪teve Kidd Art鈥.

I also did a quick Google on what was the easiest platform to write a website and WordPress was pretty much up at the top.聽 I didn鈥檛 know, or realise there was a difference between WordPress .com or .org 鈥 let alone that I hadn鈥檛 picked up on the fact I was heading blog-wards which wasn鈥檛 on my list of requirements at all.

Reviewing those requirements again, blogging wasn鈥檛 one of them ;
1. Show some artwork
2. Sell some artwork

Social media is evidently 鈥渨here it鈥檚 at鈥 for number 1, it鈥檚 quick and simple to post an image and have it seen by thousands rather than by just a few that have happened upon my website.聽 It鈥檚 a shame that I don鈥檛 like very much about social media and but it does serve a purpose.

Etsy was my intended platform for number 2 but it鈥檚 been positively underwhelming in terms of results.聽 Even after putting in many hours of 鈥渢rying to get it right鈥.

Obviously “getting it right” will always be a moving target but when you consider that I鈥檝e sold ten times as much through eBay, personal recommendations and direct requests with very much less effort then unless I can turn it around (plans are underway) then Etsy is also on borrowed time.聽 The fact it鈥檚 actually cost more financially than it鈥檚 earnt to have an Etsy shop, aside from all those hours, probably tells me all I need to know.

So鈥 these are just ideas mulling around at the moment but don鈥檛 be surprised if you go to www.stevekiddart.com in the near future and it鈥檚 looking very different鈥 the winds of change are coming and likely going to blow this straw hut away.

8 thoughts on “Abstracted and… possibly adi贸s amigos 馃槸”

  1. It sounds like your art is evolving and perhaps you are outgrowing WordPress. This is exciting news. Whatever direction you decide to move towards I hope you are able to bring your followers here along for the journey. I would also be very interested in hearing more as you gather your research and make decisions. Are you thinking about moving more towards your own gallery and eCommerce site?

    1. Many thanks for the support Michael.
      I find, and have found WordPress quite frustrating so far. The fact they just changed the editor to something totally stupid is yet another nail in its coffin to me.
      I’ve found that quite a few of the WP followers have also got accounts on Instagram, Facebook, etc. I’d say that if anything it’s the social aspect of the decent folks on here that have prevented me from leaving before. A better quality audience 馃榿
      The site is all paid up for a while so it’s not going anywhere just yet, but if something isn’t working as intended then it has you looking around for alternative solutions.
      I’m not disappearing from the interweb to hide back under my rock just yet 馃檪

  2. I look forward to seeing/hearing what direction you move in with your online presence. I, too, am irritated with some of the changes from WordPress recently (including more and more intrusive ads on my site). Social media is definitely easier for viewing; speaking of which, do you have a facebook page we can follow?
    There is a way to go back the “classic” WordPress editor, in case you’re wondering, but who knows how long that option will stick around. 馃檨

    1. Thanks Marissa, yes I registered on a few platforms last year, Facebook being one of them – but wow, what a horrible thing that is!!
      I’m using it a bit more now but in terms of usability it’s dreadful, I can’t see how it ever became popular, maybe it was better “back in the day”. I initially registered as a person years ago, had friend invites from people I’d deliberately tried to forget about and read a couple of posts on “what a great cup of coffee” someone was enjoying. My previous Facebook life lasted less than twenty minutes 馃槒
      Pinterest and Instagram I prefer purely because of the fact they’re totally visual without anything too fancy. Though having said that, Instagram is on the road to ruin thanks to Facebook’s takeover…
      I might end up just moving the site to somewhere that uses WordPress software, I didn’t know there was a difference before but at least it should be easier to transfer the existing content (in theory)

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