Snow White and a flower

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs have been sold and off to their new home. When adding to the shop, I did consider adding the tag line of “Buy One Get Seven Free” but that’s just a bit too corny and couldn’t possibly be mentioned, keep that between us 🀫
I had been on the lookout for a set of frames to put these in. One plan was to frame them individually and then glue the frames together in a haphazard fashion – I think that could’ve worked well but they were sold before that came to fruition.
The idea however is stored away in the memory bank for a possible project later down the line. One thing I’m not short of is ideas, maybe it’s due to starting with art later in life but I really can’t imagine experiencing the dreaded “artist’s block”. I’ve got more than enough ideas rolling round to see me through the next decade at least.
The little (fuzzy 😬) picture of the painting is from an original by Jan Brandes (1786) in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. The paint was by Steve Kidd (2018) who is also shortly to be housed in a museum.

6 thoughts on “Snow White and a flower”

  1. It’s lovely! And I think maybe all your ideas were brewing in the creative cauldron until they were ready. I feel like that with writing projects having started late with that as well.

    1. You could have a valid point there. Perhaps if I’d taken up art in my teens or even twenties then I’d have less life experience to generate the ideas.
      Of course when you’re that age you already think you know all there is to know 😜

  2. They are so cool! And it’s alright for some – I’m asking Father Christmas for ideas this year, it’s been rather an unproductive year. Maybe I’ll have to get out more 😱

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