Top Nine 2018

On Instagram there’s a fad for posting your top 9 images of the year, you simply enter your username on a website and it creates a grid of your most liked pictures.
I did it out of interest and my prediction was confirmed that the most ‘liked’ pictures were very far from those which I most liked.
Here’s the choice made by the weirdos of Instagram

And here’s my own choices (bearing in mind I had to choose nine)

As a lot of you blog, or post pictures, write prose or maybe tweet Dad jokes – have a look back over the year and see what you think could constitute a top nine, or even maybe a top three.
It’s actually quite a useful exercise to have a review and put some thought into what you might like to do in the coming year.

5 thoughts on “Top Nine 2018”

  1. The car in black, and the cat – those are my favorites! I’m finally home now, but did I tell you I’m moving to Ireland this spring? I’ll be in Galway but I think the proximity to England will have me visiting often! I hope! (Unless all the politics of the world make it too difficult… 😣)

  2. Cats (‘blue-eyed’ and ‘on boat’) are amazing!, and ‘lady in red’ is beautiful too, of course it was a good choice, definitely! But donkeys are great too! (Am I weirdo now…? 🙃) .
    And I would add ‘Penguins’ ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thank you, ah yes the penguins, one of the simplest ones I painted as well.
      I think the major difference with previous years (if I’d have done it) is that I wasn’t painting back then so for me the colours earned extra points maybe.
      Weirdo? I couldn’t possibly comment 🤫🤓🎅👍🏻

  3. Great selection; I’m with you and Instagram Weirdos on some of them. Glad to see Senna in there, and I would also throw Hockney into the mix.
    Back in the olden days towards the end of December, WordPress would send you a personalised round up telling you which posts were most popular, along with how many words you wrote, how many times your viewers could fill the Sydney Opera House, useful stuff like that. But they don’t seem to do it anymore, sadly.

    1. Many thanks Jacob, I hope to do some pencil portraits in the new year – I’d sort of forgotten about pencil, deliberately as I hate graphite shine but it’ll be something worthwhile doing. Time spent drawing improves what happens when it comes to painting so it’s all good.
      I had a similar thing to what you mention from Facebook, as I only set it up for the art it was thankfully free of stupid photos of food, coffee or other random nonsense – however they still managed to pick over half the images I would probably have deleted in hindsight 🙂

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