Porsche 911 Carrera RS 🏁

Hopefully a familiar shape to most, the 911 is as distinct and recognisable as the VW Beetle and Mini.

My sketch here would be more familiar as a specific model to petrolheads, and even with the mistakes I’ve made here should be recognisable as the iconic Carrera RS.

It was a lightweight version of the 911S with improvements and modifications that made it eligible as a road legal track car.

It had a distinctive “ducktail” rear spoiler, which improved rear downforce and the 911 Carrera RS was the first production car to be fitted with such aerodynamic aids.

I mentioned mistakes, that’s because it was largely drawn from memory and a reference photo of a regular 911. It was only afterwards I realised the Porsche script along the back was a different style, and no doubt a true car nerd would be able to point out more that’s wrong with it.

Just a quick one for the sketch book though so I’m OK with the imperfections.

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