🎸Ed and Dave🖍️

Ed Sheeran posted up his new portrait by David Hockney on Instagram ( @teddysphotos ) the other day.

By pure coincidence I drew both of them last year!
Mr Hockney I drew after reading his book dispelling some artistic myths…

…and Mr Sheeran was started whilst waiting for him to come on stage at Wembley 🎸

With a subtle background added…

5 thoughts on “🎸Ed and Dave🖍️”

  1. I think your portrait is fantastic! More realistic than Hockney’s but I guess that’s a difficult comparison to make, right? 🤪 Anyway, great work!

    1. Thank you, yes it’s an impossible comparison really as they’re different things.
      Hockney isn’t particularly known for attempting realism, something that beginner artists (such as myself) often strive for before ‘finding their voice’ (whatever that is)…
      I’ve had people say that they prefer mine, but I’m 100% certain that any art critic or millionaire collector would disagree. David’s is more memorable for sure.

      1. Right! I think developing our skills is an essential step. Even then, we each have a certain style. But yeah, realism isn’t Hockney’s style. However, just because he’s hugely successful and influential doesn’t make your portrait any less of a smash! You should tag Ed on IG and see what happens. I keep sending Oprah Winfrey copies of my books….
        (no I don’t, that was a joke!) 😉

  2. “You should tag Ed on IG”
    Yeah, I already did on my original IG post, I wouldn’t expect it to be looked at aside from maybe a press officer.
    However, in a strange twist of fate – a print of the drawing is going to be delivered to one of his friends so he may still get to see it in person – it’s a small world, a friend of a friend…
    It’s that “six degrees of separation” thing. I’d have a Bacon number, sorry Sheeran number of three which not only is pretty damn good – it was also unknown to me when I drew the picture. I wish I’d put in more time and care now ;o)

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