Canary Wharf Lunch Sketch 🌈

Another old sketch updated with a splash of colour 🌈

I can’t remember the colours of the scene from years back so this is totally made up.

This was a lunchtime urban sketch, whilst I don’t remember the colours I do remember trying to quickly capture the fast moving crowds. Definitely a challenge – not only because people were busying around grabbing their lunch but it was also mentally challenging at the time to sit amongst people and draw.

8 thoughts on “Canary Wharf Lunch Sketch 🌈”

  1. You have very strong horizontal areas defining your back, middle, and foreground but just that hint of an angle created by the linear elements of your structures leads the eye up and across the image. It adds a nice bit of movement. I must admit I do prefer the colour as well (feels more completed).

    1. Many thanks for this, it’s great to have this compositional analysis.
      I really should think about composition far more than I do if I’m going improve my artwork. In this case I literally sat on a bench and drew what was in front of me so it was definitely more luck than judgement.

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