Pixel Art – A New Hope 👾

This post is an excerpt of a new ARTicle I’ve been writing but that’s taking sooo long I thought I may as well post this up as a quick blog post for now.

As with all the best ideas, they often are formed after a build up of pointers or influences rather than a flash of inspiration out of the blue.

One of my wordpress friends Jacob (check his site here) had been doing pixel art recently which reminded me of doing the same thing in my youth.

I’d spend hours drawing designs on graph paper, turning them into code, programming them into a computer and magically seeing them appear up on the telly as a 2cm fuzzy image – fantastic!!

As I said, this was in my youth about 763 years ago and these days it’s easy to draw stuff on the PC, your iPad, your phone – probably even your “smart” watch for all I know.  So it’s all probably deeply unimpressive to a lot of “yoofs”.

However to me there is a charm to these old pixelated images.  The constriction of just a few colours, and just a few blocks still taxes the art braincells to figure out how to represent what you want.

There’s an unidentified (hmmm) artist who creates pixellated images by glueing coloured tiles to buildings.  I’d encourage you to check out his site at http://www.space-invaders.com if you get a chance.  One of his art installations is just up the road from my workplace.


So I figured that would be a good one to try out on my phone.

star wars984997761580428340..jpg

Obviously there’s little artistic intelligence in copying someone else’s pixels – as long as you choose a similar colour and place the blocks in the same place then you can’t go wrong.

However as a test of how to go about doing it on the phone it was a worthwhile test.

And after the test, and for the larger ARTicle which will be along soon (allegedly) here is my first pixel image in xx years…  the explanation of “what and why” will be in the article along with a vast geeky history lesson.  I bet you can’t wait !! 

cowboy 128 x 1286971678631729439931..jpg


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