Sketchbook Flip-Through 📖

This is a flip-through view of a sketchbook which has been definitely been my favourite so far out of the seven or eight books since I’ve started drawing. It’s now fully filled so here’s a celebration of the hours put into it.

This has been significant to me as I bought it in 2015 and since then I’ve not only moved jobs and moved houses but I’ve also introduced painting into my artistic repertoire. This is why there have been a few posts recently of the old drawings receiving a revamp of full-on Technicolor watercolour.

The sketchbook is a Derwent hardbacked book, about 7×5″ size 200gsm pages with a velvety soft-touch cover, pockets inside the front and back covers, a ribbon bookmark and elastic to keep it closed.

It’s certainly been resilient, after a few years of being kicked around in bags and pockets it’s held up remarkably well with just dust and stuff on the cover. I’ve bent it backwards quite few times and the binding has held up completely.

Only two improvements I can think of – if it had proper watercolour paper that would be good. It’s thick enough to take liquid but it does suck the paint straight out the brush if you’re not careful. The pages aren’t detachable either but that’s being picky.

I certainly prefer it to the Moleskine book I had before which had smooth paper which was a little too shiny, and also very yellow in colour. I haven’t seen this Derwent one for sale since but would happily re-buy a new one if it came up.

Here’s the flip-through view, it’s all the drawings and paintings, I’ve only omitted a few pages which were just scribbles to get a pen working or for testing.

I’ve done a video on YouTube which is the same as above, just a little flashier with music and better presentation.

And finally, here are my favourites from the book – as you can tell I’m quite a fan of the updated look to the pictures that have had colour added.

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