This is a digital reinterpretation of a watercolour painting from last year.

I’m still at the experimentation stage with the new iPad, it could equally be called the frustration stage. Seemingly simple tasks seem hard to achieve and at the same time it clearly has some amazing capabilities.

It is however much the same as when I did the original painting before, not knowing how to do certain things, finding out a few ways of doing other things. Building up the experience.

In one way I’m glad it’s not as simple as I assumed. Overcoming challenges brings greater rewards.

Incidentally the name comes from a combination of the car Lotus Evora and the X shape which interested me in the lines between the window and the engine cover glass.

3 thoughts on “eXora”

  1. The glass really looks like glass! I agree about working through the challenges, you’ll get the mastery of it. You inspired me to try drawing with the Apple Pencil and Procreate. It’s really a lot of fun. But I’m still getting the hang of simple drawing and haven’t tried any of the other features yet. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion!

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