St. Paul’s Cathedral ⛪

St Paul’s Cathedral drawn in ink and charcoal.

My initial sketch was in pencil from the roof of a shopping centre overlooking the cathedral.

I then took a few photos for reference and later on transferred my sketch over to a decent bit of paper, it’s 250gsm Bristol board, very white and very smooth.

I’d initially planned for it to be just an ink line drawing which I did with a dip-pen and sepia ink, it looks quite black unless in direct light.  However having done Notre Dame with charcoal recently I thought I’d give it a go with some shading on this.

Glad I went for the charcoal as it’s added a nice bit of depth, it was never meant to be a masterpiece so a bit of messy dust and imprecision are quite welcome.

At the time of this web-post it’s for sale if anyone wants it, just £25 including postage globally with the button below – first come first served obviously. I’m just accumulating too many pictures here 😀 

3 thoughts on “St. Paul’s Cathedral ⛪”

    1. Thank you, I hadn’t intended to add any shading initially but then figured what the hell – plus I’d never used a brush with charcoal before (before the Notre Dame one done at around the same time that is) so gave that a go… came out ok.

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