Norton Dominator Wideline 600cc Watercolour Sketch

Norton Dominator Wideline 600cc

I started this sketch whilst sat track-side at the Isle of Man TT races last week, the tip of the brush is pointing at where I was on the map.

As you can imagine there’s a lot of waiting around in-between racing action so I came prepared with a brand new watercolour sketchpad and my trusty Winsor and Newton sketching palette.

In fact, there was too much waiting around in fact thanks to the worse weather the event has had in over a hundred years of running!!

In case you’re not familiar with the TT, it’s the most challenging motorcycle road race in the world.  So, rather than being sat in the stands next to a racetrack I was actually on a grass bank at a wildlife park and the track was actually the main road.  They close the roads when racing and the locals get stuck in their houses for the duration!


This sketch suffered from my usual problem of overworking it.  It should have taken me at least half, if not a quarter, of the time to do.

I’ve already drawn the outline of my next motorbike on the opposite page so I’ll try to be faster and looser with that one.  Note that I’ve got nothing against taking time to paint, it’s just that it highlights a degree of the “beginner” to not be making confident and well-placed strokes rather than dab-dab-dab – especially when it’s so small and supposed to be a rough sketch.

11 thoughts on “Norton Dominator Wideline 600cc Watercolour Sketch”

  1. Cheers, I think the auto-contrast thing on the photo probably helps a bit, to the naked eye it has a bit less contrast but I’m happy enough with it. There’s a couple of elements of it that I couldn’t get right but these days I accept 80% OK ;o)

      1. You’re very welcome! 🙂 I look at myself as a beginner, but it’s already been 4 great years painting and drawing. Time flies 🙂 But I see that there’s still so much to learn from others like yourself 🙂 Looking forward to follow your site 🙂

        1. We can learn from each other then.

          I started with painting last year but started drawing in 2012. I’m quite aware that my paintings are still quite in a style of drawing rather than painting. In other words I feel I should at least be trying to do more along the lines of what you’ve been doing…. no mad rush though, evolution is slow 😉

          1. It would be fantastic if my paintings could be useful in any way. I’ve actually been trying to do more paintings that requires drawing lately. I just love the sketching style, so I’ve been trying to use it in loose watercolour paintings 🙂 No rush, I agree. I always feel that I should have been better, but when I see my own timeline I see a fairly steady progress 🙂

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