Digital London Urban Sketches

One of these I’ve already posted a couple of days ago but here’s some more from the past few days.

They’re all done on the iPad and all drawn from life.

If you’re not familiar with urban sketching, the aim is not to get a ‘finished’ result – just a sketched representation of the scene before you.

It’s a great learning process, which is why I do it.

4 thoughts on “Digital London Urban Sketches”

  1. These are great Steve! Do you feel like you have to sketch faster than you normal would for urban sketching? Or like it’s a less relaxed situation than a controlled environment? Like mostly when there are people or animals in the scene. I’ve always wanted to try that, but I feel like the pressure of capturing everything as it should be has held me back to some extent.

    1. Definitely a case of sketching faster, mainly because in my case I’m on a lunch break but besides that the is to capture the scene.

      It’s a good exercise, here’s the general idea;

      Does have to be from life, directly from the eye to the paper via the pencil/pen/brush/stylus.

      Doesn’t have to be accurate.
      Doesn’t have to include everything.
      Doesn’t have to have the right colours.
      Doesn’t have to be a perfect considered composition.
      Doesn’t have to “say something meaningful”.

      And my favourite one – doesn’t have to please anyone, including the artist (but it usually does please people).

      It’s an exercise at the end of the day and a great one for recording memories better than taking a photo, for building skill, for overcoming fear (reminds me..really should post that article) and for having a bit of fun.

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