SpongeBob Statue 🗿

SpongeBob Statue in the middle of London.

This archway and buildings are just behind St Paul’s cathedral.  This drawing wasn’t really going great so I decided to replace one of the statues with SpongeBob.

2 thoughts on “SpongeBob Statue 🗿”

  1. Your SpongeBob addition is funny but honestly I think this drawing has a very interesting resolution. You’ve managed to combine the three distinct surfaces in the compressed composition in a way that “feels” very genuine.

    1. Thank you, once again it’s great to have the viewpoint of a real artist telling me things about my own drawings that I hadn’t even thought of! Your comments genuinely make me stop and have a think about it a bit more.

      This photo is actually a smaller snippet of a larger composition. The paper was A3 size and drawing with a Biro, so that’s about a sixth of the whole picture.

      I’m talking about that paper in the past tense because it went into the recycling bin a few days ago.

      Usually if an artwork isn’t going the way I want (they’re never better than 75% anyway) then I’d tend to stick with plugging away at it and looking for solutions. Finding the solutions is rewarding. I don’t mind if the end result is crap as long as I’ve learnt something along the way.

      However for this one it was suffering from the very worst combination of problems, I got bored, it wasn’t going as planned and I wasn’t enjoying it all. When that happens then it goes in the bin regardless of how many hours have gone in or how expensive the paper was. That in itself is a rewarding activity because it teaches me to have a complete rethink about the approach.

      At least I enjoyed the 5 mins it took me to add Mr Squarepants, hence only picturing him 😃

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