Classic car dashboard

This is my first drawing with a Faber Castell Polychromos pencil.

Whilst they are known for being professional grade coloured pencils I’ve already got more than enough to play with and don’t want to spend a load of money on more ways to colour. I need to master what I’ve got first 😉

As I’m quite keen on plain old drawing I thought it would be a good idea just to get a black one to see what they’re like to use.

It seems quite a waxy, buttery type feel to it, pretty soft. It did layer well, darkening up nicely though the darkest I could get was still a bit short of what I’d get with a Mars Lumograph black or even blacker still the Caran d’Ache Pierre Noire.

It was quite liable to smudging, which is a good and a bad thing depending on what you’re after, good for blending I’d imagine.

I did seem to have a problem using a sharpener with it, at first I thought the sharpener had gone blunt but it worked ok on another pencil. There’s always knife sharpening available though which makes you feel more arty even if it didn’t change the result.

Personally I think I prefer the more chalky type of lead that gives a matt finish, though that does have the downside of creating more dust – this didn’t create any! Though it did have that glossy finish you get with a graphite pencil, though thankfully much darker.

Hope you like the drawing and hopefully the review is useful, I’m sure that if you’re looking for a professional grade coloured pencil set then these would be great. One day I’ll get a set when I’ve done more with pastels, watercolour, charcoal, gouache, acrylic, etc, etc. Yeah, that could be some time….

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