Coffee time ☕

A more colourful version of my coffee van sketch from last week.

This was drawn on the iPad, it’s probably the first one where I’ve felt I’m getting to grips with how it works. Still several frustrations at not knowing how to do certain things but it makes the eventual discovery that much more satisfying.

This style is similar to the Mustang I painted a couple of years ago where the background colour is the body colour. I think I found it slightly easier with the painting by comparison, at the time that was also the first time I’d tried it. A couple years more practice and I’ll hopefully have this nailed.

Here’s the sketch drawn whilst sat in front of the coffee van last week.

2 thoughts on “Coffee time ☕”

    1. Thanks, it seems a popular sort of style.

      I’d first seen something like it on an advert and then did the Mustang painting with the fully red background.

      I couldn’t (still can’t) get an even wash for the background so made it deliberately randomly patterned. No such problems with digital of course, though to my eyes it’s less ‘authentic’ but ‘cleaner’ if that makes any sense.

      I like doing both 🙂

      Surprisingly (to me) this digital painting took longer than if I’d done it with paint even though it seemed quicker.

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