One small step for man…

…One giant leap for mankind.

A perfect quote for what is in my opinion the greatest achievement the human species has ever made.

We’ve only been around for the tiniest amount of time and yet we’ve left this planet and stepped foot on another celestial body.

That to me is the daddy of all achievements. Even when we step on Mars, that’ll be the first time on another planet but there’s only one first time on another lump of rock other than this fragile Earth.


3 thoughts on “One small step for man…”

  1. Nice! This is something I really wish I were around to see first time around. It must have been quite something to look up at the moon and think, people are up there!

    There’s been an Apollo 11 ‘live’stream running on YouTube for the last few days which I’ve dipped in an out of; it’s mostly been tape sounds and passing numbers back and forth but exciting nevertheless. Nearly there now…

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