Oh Golly Gouache 🎨

So far I’ve not ventured away from my basic watercolour set but when I saw a set of gouache paints for less than the price of a posh coffee I thought it worth a try.

Obviously they’re not going to be top quality and probably won’t be light fast but ideal for a bit of a muck around.

This is my first go with them, they’re much the same as watercolour in operation but thicker and more opaque. However, having said that I started off with a very watery mix so can be treated like watercolour.

I’ve not seen acrylic in use but I imagine these to be halfway in-between watercolour and acrylic. Something else I’ll try at some point since I only recently found out acrylic is water soluble as well.

I’ve painted thumbnail sketches of other paintings by Dennis Pendleton, the idea behind it being that I don’t have to waste any brain capacity (a limited resource here) thinking about composition and concentrate on how to work with the paint. Also, the varying styles I’m copying can subconsciously train my brain to alternative styles to my own.

So far I like this paint, in fact I might prefer it in a way to watercolour as I’ve been able to layer slightly, and it’s quick to dry which is great if you’re as impatient as me 😳

In case you’re wondering what colours I used, the tubes and the brushes I used for each picture are those alongside each, which surprised me when I realised I’d only used blue and brown on the first one which is probably my favourite.

8 thoughts on “Oh Golly Gouache 🎨”

  1. I also bought a box of gouache recently, but so far I’ve only used it to highlight watercolour paintings. I want to try them on their own, though. But there’s just so much I want to do at the same time… πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, it’s a problem when we need to try everything, and not later but now!!! 😸

      What I’ve done is to only take a basic sketchbook on holiday with me, a pencil, a couple of pens, this gouache set and some brushes. So I’ve forced myself to stick with these as I don’t have other distractions available.

      1. Exactly!
        That sounds like a very good plan πŸ˜› I guess I would have to do the same thing to manage it.

        It sounds like you’ve had a lot of fun with the gouache. I have been trying out some watercolour sketching lately, using an untouched sketchbook from strathmore which I bought over a year ago (again, as a result of wanting to do many things at once). I find that the whole sketchbook vibe makes me able to draw and paint more quickly, not paying as much attention to details and working faster.
        I suspect it’s because I can see the drawing as a whole when it’s in a small sketchbook πŸ™‚

  2. They’re all great, I could see them as postcards. Love the vibrant colour in the last one.

    Yeah, it always surprises me how painters can make so much out of just a couple of colours. Quite impressive!

      1. Haha, oh I’m not so sure! πŸ™‚

        Yeah, I get that. Abstract drawing has mostly left me cold since college, where everything had to be done a certain way (and my tutor said I shouldn’t draw anymore if I wanted to pass) and kinda defeated the object. I think the best thing is just to have fun with it and see what happens. If it informs your style somehow, all the better.

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