Drama Llama

This drama queen posed for my camera at Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norfolk, it’s well with a visit if you get a chance.

I often get mixed up with llamas and alpacas, having compared them side by side at another animal park (Camel Park in Suffolk) a few days after seeing this one I’m pretty sure this is a llama. Alpacas are more like tall sheep.

I drew this with Kuretake black and grey pens in my usual sketchbook. I’m quite keen to use up both the pens and the sketchbook so expect some more like this.

7 thoughts on “Drama Llama”

  1. The choice to leave out the background works well to emphasize your “model’s” character. It’s a good bit of drawing as well. You’ve done a handy job of getting everything in that needs to be there adeptly. Nicely done.

  2. β€œI’m ready for my closeup Mr. DeMille.” It looks like he posed for you! You really captured his β€˜expression’ perfectly. Great work!

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