St Benet’s Abbey 🚤

I saw this ruin across the river whilst out for a jog, painted it and only then found out a few days later it was actually a landmark to those pottering around Norfolk in their boats.

The abbey itself isn’t actually there any more, what you’re seeing is the gatehouse to the abbey and stuck in the middle of it, rather like a decapitated traffic cone is actually the remains of a  windmill which was built inside it due to the solid foundations available to the farmer.

Seems funny to me that a couple of hundred years ago someone demolished part of an historic old building (no such thing as grade listed buildings back then) to construct his fancy new windmill, which is now itself a relic and protected by a modern grade listing. 

St Benet’s Abbey

This is actually my very first gouache painting.

The three practices from last week were little thumbnail copies of other paintings where I was trying to figure out how gouache actually works.  This one is totally 100% my own 😀

I noticed that as well as being more opaque than watercolour, it also dries darker rather than lighter so that’s something I’ll bear in mind.  The pink flowers in the foreground for instance were much lighter when painted, and I did some tiny bright yellow dots on the other side of the river to indicate the buttercups which have now all but disappeared.


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