A sketch a day…

…Keeps the doctor away 😁

The head doctor that is, draw every day to get some mental cleansing.

Here’s a few sketches which were done in-between the ‘real art’ production. Though in some way informal sketching could be argued as the most real art form of all.

The first here is a Ferrari F40, drawn whilst listening to Jamiroquai. If you want to see the source of inspiration check out YouTube for the video to Cosmic Girl.

Interesting inside information fact about that video – JK is driving a Lamborghini in the video (the F40 is there as well) and the windscreen had broken, unable to get a replacement in time they had to film the video with the windscreen removed. The high speed shots were done beforehand luckily, but check out his hair flying around and the window shut. Now you know why πŸ˜‰

The next one is from a couple of months back, my visit to the Isle of Man TT.

And this one is from a packet of seaweed!! πŸ™

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