Ranworth Moorings

This is a sketch across Ranworth Moorings in Norfolk with a view up to the church.

As you can see, I’ve modified the scene from what is actually visible to the eye.

I drew this with a Sakura Pigma brushpen which is described as waterproof and with fade proof archival ink.

I think I prefer this type of pen to the Kuretake brushpen which isn’t at all waterproof and seems more like a felt-tip with very free flowing ink to me.

5 thoughts on “Ranworth Moorings”

    1. Cheers.

      It was a great view from the top of the church as well, and an adventure getting to the top, if you’ve not yet ventured up I can recommend it. Say hi to Mr Pigeon if you go.

          1. Always on the lookout, I like it 🙂 Shots like that have a habit of proving their worth sooner or later, I find, even the supposedly throwaway ones. I can imagine the spiral staircase being fun tone/value practise; either an ascent to brightness, or a terrifying descent to darkness…

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