Harley Quinn Painting – Close Ups

Here are some more detailed close-up shots of the painting from my last post.

5 thoughts on “Harley Quinn Painting – Close Ups”

    1. Thank you, as always there’s plenty of bits that I wish I’d done differently but overall I’m happy with it.

      I’m going to keep this one, most things I’m happy to sell if anyone wants it but it’s taken so long on this that I can almost chart some of the lessons learnt so this will be filed away for posterity 😄

      1. I admire how you, and others, manage to paint faces with such nice proportions and highlights. I really struggle with it ☺

        I also have a few paintings I can’t imagine selling or giving away. The rest I’m glad to give away if anyone wants them ☺

        1. For the proportions it’s not down to anything clever or talented on my part.

          I used the “gridding up” method to copy the majority of the proportions for the features and indeed for most of the picture I think. Just some basic rectangles for the guns, basic face shape and location of the eyes, the nose shadow, the lip shadow. The correct location of the arms, etc.

          Perhaps I should’ve taken an even earlier photo of the drawing for my previous post describing the process. For something like that I think it’s a good idea, for me at least, to spend the time building the scaffolding in light pencil before starting on building the house – doesn’t take much for the walls to cave in once the paint starts going on 😉

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