That’s the Badger

Inktober prompt for today – “bait”

Badger-baiting is where badgers are baited with dogs.

A baiting session typically results in the death of the badger, and possibly serious injuries to the dogs. It used to be a popular event held after church on Sunday.

When the badger can’t fight any longer it is killed by stabbing or beating to death with a shovel. Aren’t humans just the loveliest creatures?

Whilst this may sound like a story from the dark ages, someone was sentenced for it just last year and this illegal barbaric entertainment continues to this day in Britain and Ireland.

This was painted with Pentel black ink on 1557 180gsm bright white heavy paper.

Image source : Unsplash Vincent van Zalinge

5 thoughts on “That’s the Badger”

  1. Wonderful characterful badger, Steve. I don’t know how anyone could get enjoyment from such a thing, but little surprises me where people are concerned.

    1. They may have been regarded as pests at some point and then the eradication turned into a ‘sport’, similar to fox hunting.

      These days it’s made a resurgence thanks to mouth-breathing imbeciles who think it’s ‘hard’ to own a vicious dog, something bred specifically for killing – bull cross lurchers being typical.

      Back in Victorian times they’d be much smaller dogs such as terriers but these days there’s no real contest as such. Those dogs can bring down an adult deer so even though a badger can put up a tough fight it would never win, or be allowed to.

      It’s the sort of mentality of these scumbags that steals cats and places them in a wheelie bin along with their dog as a training exercise.

      Hanging is literally too good for them.

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