Robber Crab πŸ¦€

Inktober prompt : overgrown

A truly huge crab, they can weigh 9 pounds and measure 3 feet from leg to leg.

Robber/Coconut crabs are the largest land-living arthropods and can rip apart whole coconuts with their claws!!

As well as coconuts they also eat other dead animals, other coconut crabs and even themselves!! Bits which fall off during moulting don’t go to waste.

They are also known as robber crabs because they’re also partial to stealing silverware, and there’s even a gruesome theory that Amelia Earhart’s remains are missing because robber crabs stole them to eat.

This was drawn with a Parker fountain pen with purple Quink ink.

And here’s an insight into how I approach this. If you look closely you can see the light pencil lines marking out the overall shape of the claws. Note there’s no detail at all, that’s saved for when I’m doing the ink.

I use the ink to go around some of these pencil lines with a broken line or dots if it’s in a light shaded area.  There’s no need to draw a solid line around it unless it’s that style of drawing, for this I prefer to have some “lost lines” on the edge.

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